Your windows are one of the most important features of your building. Windows allow natural light to flood your office and provide wonderful views. However, sunlight brings higher energy costs, employee discomfort from hot spots, glare on computer screens and fading of office furnishings. In addition, those views provide opportunities for break-ins and vulnerability to hurricanes. 

Solar X can help you protect your your building without sacrificing the benefits of natural light. As an authorized dealer of 3M™ Window Film, we offer world-class window film and tinting solutions. 3M™ Prestige Window Films are virtually clear, providing first-rate protection without changing the look of your office.

Sun Control for a Conference Room

3M Window Film-Business

Energy Savings: decrease your A/C bill by up to 30% by blocking up to 73% of the sun’s heat
Sun Control: maintain consistent temperatures throughout office by reducing hot spots
Glare Reduction: limit glare on computer screens, improving work experience
Fade Protection: reject up to 99% of UV rays that cause damage to office furnishings

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3M Sun Control Window Film for your business

3M Safety and Security Window Film

3M Safety & Security Window Film

Violent Storm Protection: help keep windows intact during hurricanes, reducing flying glass
Crime Prevention: deter “smash and grab” thieves by preventing quick entry through windows
Graffiti Control: ­prevent permanent damage by replacing only window film, not entire window

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3M™ Safety & Security Window Film for your business

decorative window film graphic

Decorative Window FIlm

Designer Accents: add etched glass style to window at a fraction of expense
Decorative Flexibility: easily change styles according to tenant preferences
Enhanced Privacy: create private spaces within office without losing natural lightLearn more about:


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Decorative Window Film for your business